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The collected poetry  of chaz valenza including the patent pending* "3 Rules" sonnet. 

*The "3 Rules" poem style is patent pending, do not dare use it without a) crediting me, and b) sending me a check for $0.25 U.S. each time you create a "3 Rules" poem.



Kurt cut Draper short before he could pull the curtains on the truth.


Shin pain

Now how fairly un-rich

unfairly un-liked

kicked in the shins as a child

at the mail box before

any dreams had formed

by the siblings of hate in unison

nothing to be done then

nothing to be done later

nothing to be done now or soon after

they learned to corner the vulnerable

to smile

to victim with prejudice

to not worry

they were better than you

and they knew how to work the system

you could never escape


The Rooster et al

A rooster, a roadster, a prankster and a bankster

All sat down for a meeting with a gangster

The rooster said “a harem”

The roadster yelled “more oil'

The prankster said “hell no"

And the bankster “fuck 'em royal”


The gangster hired the prankster

And soon they set the rules

Pay me now or pay me later

Either way you lose!


This was oh so jolly

This was oh so slick

The rooster ruled the coop

With his badge and black night stick


The eggs were all pure gold

The hens were all so stupid

They did what they were told

And voted for the cupid


They took the bankster's plastic

Crossed streets to big box stores

Everyday they'd lay their eggs

But soon were sleeping on dirt floors


The pranksters took their cut

Saying all would soon be good

When the hen's were lead to slaughter

They took solace in that they'd done all that they could


The prankster smiled

The rooster crowed

The roadster laid some rubber

The bankster took a pleasant stroll

Then ate a hearty supper


The gangster did what gangsters do

Laughing at the blood and fun

Life's a game, you're all such fools

Now my work is done


Glory Prison

Glory, glory, glory

Lord god almighty

You will give me a free pass

To get the fuck our of jail!


Poetry is Easy

All you need do is express

That which cannot be expressed

And hope for the best.