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Was Margaret Sanger a Racist? by C. Valenza

Family Planning Perspectives, Volume 17, Number 1, January/February 1985.

The answer is NO, but it took about 1,200 referenced words to prove it.

What we called the "radical right" in 1985 was bombing abortion clinics and threatening to kill doctors.   I worked at an abortion clinic, Planned Parenthood of NYC, which at the time was located on 2nd Avenue in Manhattan.  We had bomb scares.  The ATF came and talked to us and told us there wasn't much they could do and showed us how easy it was to plant or mail a bomb, and scared the shit out of us.  We stayed.  Are we living the 1980's all over again?  I hope not, most of the music was terrible.

Anyway, the radical right wanted to turn people of color against us and they decided they could make paint Margaret Sanger, the woman who paved the way for legal contraception in the U.S. and founder of Planned Parenthood, as a racist.  I did the research to debunk their bullshit.  Today, the dishonet right takes passages of this piece out-of-context to continue to make the case that MS was a racist.   This piece was on serveral family planning website for a while, but they all took it down and now just use my work as needed and never give me credit.

So, here it is in PDF format from the original publication by unpopular non-demand:

Was Margaret Sanger a Racist? by Charles Valenza, Family Planning Perspectives, Jan/Feb 1985 PDF


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