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Beer - a one act play by C. Valenza

Beer - by Chaz Valenza - a play in one act - copyright 1976 - searchable PDF

Beer was originally performed at the Olmstad Theater at Adelphi University in December, 1976.  It was my "thesis" small stage project of my senior year toward my BFA in theater.  It was performed later at a college play festival in Manhattan and after that at the Broom Street Theater in Madison, WI. 

One Act - two scenes interupted by a poem, 51 pages, runs appoximately 1 hour, 20 minutes if the actors are on top of their game.  Two college aged male characters sitting around drinking beer and talking. Set in 1975, it's a period piece now.

I always thought it would be nice if other college students of the dramatic arts might perform this again, but until the internet, there was really no way to market it cheaply, even if I was willing to forgo any royalties, which I am.  Then there was the duplication problem.  Beer was written on a typewriter.  Today we have the Searchable PDF!  So, here it is, and here's the deal, student performances of Beer are royalty free.  Please tell me where and when it will be performed. 

Okay, you, yeah you two guys who think you're hotshot actors, the next whomever... I dare you to do this piece and do it well.  The characters are your age; it's just your fathers' period.  Good luck.

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