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We the People Must Punish Big Banking & Finance

Okay, let’s explain this to ourselves as if we’re five-year-olds. 

Churning money on Walls Street makes nothing of value. 

Printing money at the Fed feeds nobody. 

A corporate merger, in and of it self, is intrinsically worthless.

And, a bailout of a failed company or bank just punishes viable competitors.

Spin the money all you want, without the sweat of the worker or some other energy input it all grinds to a halt.

According to Paul Volcker, this is something Wall Street didn’t know.  Really?!? 

Mr. & Mrs. America, your money and jobs are going, going... gone.  So, what are you going to do now?  More importantly, what will your children do in General Electric’s Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow?

We need to force change.  Not slogan change, real change.  Read no further if you like the fairytale of the politicians making everything better.

First, please raise your hand if, by now, you don’t realize that collateralize debt swaps and obligations, and other “sophisticated” (Ha!) derivatives, are nothing more than subterfuges for the Biggest Con every perpetrated, a masterpiece that continues today unabated.

No hands?  Just you over there at Goldman Sachs?  We don’t need or want you. 

Second, digest this:  There is no free lunch in the absolute worlds of physics, economics and politics.  You get what you put in.  That’s right, there’s no such thing as a perpetual motion machine, a wind-up Obama that produces change without an ounce of fuel.

Is it the Internet’s virtual world that has somehow convinced us that words are enough to get us what we want?

Yes, it was easy to be seduced by election narrative of the new transformative leader.  But, now is the time to grow up, dear parents. 

Bitching and moaning on websites – this piece included – is nothing compared to forces so powerful they can put the fix in for their con with nearly agency in Washington, DC.

 Do we still think we’re going to get fair healthcare reform by calling our congress people?  A few hands?  You over there, still wearing the Yes We Can t-shirt, you’re not excused.  Listen up.

You want change?  Okay, sign petitions, write the letters, make the phone calls, send the emails, bitch and moan online, but don’t expect any of that to work unless…

You’re also willing to vote with your feet and deny our corrupted system of the money and, therefore, the power that enables our abuse.   

Here’s a swift, legal, crafty action you can take today, tomorrow and forever until we get change.

Deny Big Banking an important revenue stream by eschewing their, oh so easy and convenient, payment system of credit and debit cards.  Instead, opt for the more cumbersome payment method called Cash.

 If you haven’t heard about this yet you are forgiven.  It’s new and taking subversive market action is not yet in the lexicon of virtual world protests.  Visit: to learn more.

 Short story, just by using more cash and less plastic, en masse, we can deny Big Banking & Finance billions of dollars a year.  And, if the movement gets big enough, it will send a message to all those who derive their funding and power on the backs of workers and citizens. 

By using more and more cash, we can send a clear and punitive message.  If the system refuses to administer justice, then we the people must.

If the system won’t punish Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and the now way, way too big to fail banks, it’s our job.

Yes, to do this we must suffer some small inconveniences.  If we’re not willing to be inconvenienced, we do not deserve meaningful change.

So, I challenge you to make this work.  Use more Cash starting now to punish Big Banking and Finance.  I also challenge the Huffington Post, Alternet, Truthdig, OpEd News, etcetera to get the word out. 

Get behind Use Cash as a first, significant action of innovative market based protest of the new century.  Please, come up with similar actions we can take against other corporate transgressors, like the healthcare insurance companies and the government that keeps sending our jobs overseas.

If we are not capable of this, we do not deserve change.  If we can not take direct actions like Use Cash, what will we tell our children?  That we did a lot of bitching and moaning online and it didn’t work? 

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