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Election 2010: Progressives in a Pickle

No matter what you think of them, the Big Oil and Big Corporation funded Tea Party has managed to make the Republican Party take a sharp turn to the right. But that's not the half of it.

This shame movement of nearly all white reactionaries has also managed to swerve the Democratic Party to the right and leave it in the mucky putrid swamp of the middle where they will be easily gunned down. As Sarah says, “Reload.” That they will.

Will the Democrats ever learn? No. The right scares Big D politicians to death. It's a combination of absurd conventional wisdom that America has been, is still and forever will be a Christian nation along with the possibility of losing political funding should they turn their backs on Big Business.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Tea Party claims the mantle of the anti-establishment, anti-federal authority and pro-liberty trifecta sucking the disgruntled, non-unionized, unemployed and still struggling, under the perceived torturous 18 months of Obama, into believing Big Conservatism has their best interest at heart.

Does this stink or what? And, it gets worse.

Progressives have a Sophie's choice come November.

Drag yourself to the polls to vote for a milk-toast Democrat, or stay at home and watch the congress go bye-bye to the now extreme right party of no.

Vote for the Democrats and validate their ineffective leadership and half measures that have put the party in the dumper. 


Don't vote and watch as an overwhelming wealth and income disparity precipitates a downpour of families falling into peonage. Remember the eight years of damage done by W? Just wait.

Obviously, please, put this all in perspective and get out and vote.

But don't fail to also keep speaking truth to authority. Tell those you are voting for what you are voting for, but don't stop there.

We need to take actions against the Corporatocracy that has us in this pickle. Punish, punish, punish in the market place. Money is power. You may not have much money, but you've go some and how you spend it is a vote every day.

Here's your daily choice:

Keep spending your money at the businesses owned by Big Corporations, or spend your money locally.

Keep feeding the machine that is oppressing the progressive agenda, or starve it.

Keep using your credit and debit cards, keep driving miles to the Big Box stores, don't conserve gas and energy, invest your money in the stock market, bank with Big Banking, shop at stores and buy the goods and services of corporations that support right-wing candidates with now unlimited political contributions and you are feeding your enemy.

Is it inconvenient to change your how you vote with your pocketbook? Yes, sir and madam. But what if you don't?

Is it impossible to not buy from Big Greed. Yes. There are things they sell you need, but you can deprive them of more and more.

At the same time, we need to let them know we will continue to vote every day with our dollars. We have a choice. Use your market power. Remember: Ever dollar is a vote and suddenly you start to make choices that are in your favor.

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