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Help Us Tell The Untold Story of the Challenger Disaster

We need your help to tell the true story of why the Reagan Administration, against all logic, launched the Challenger space shuttle on January 28, 1986, causing a disaster that took the lives of seven astronauts including teacher-in-space Christa McAuliffe.

Many interests, particularly Reagan worshippers in the worlds of politics, industry and mass media, would rather this story never be told.  I’m hoping you will see its importance and lend whatever assistance you can.

I've been working with Richard (Rick) C. Cook, the man who went to the New York Times with his evidence that NASA wasn't telling us the o-rings were to blame for the Challenger disaster.  

For two decades Mr. Cook kept secret the reasons why NASA launched the Challenger in what they knew were fatal conditions. 

Mr. Cook has documented the story in his book: “Challenger Revealed: An Insider’s Account of How the Reagan Administration Caused the Greatest Tragedy of the Space Age.”  I have developed a screenplay based on the book called “Single Point Failure.”

Though the story and script have been well received by those we have approached in the film industry, we have been unable to move this project forward.  We suspect that the political nature of the story makes it a difficult sell.

To get this story told we need only gain the support of two or three influential people.  Once we have that support it’s one, much smaller, step to creating a motion picture that will set the record straight on this tragic chapter in our American history.

Do you know anyone with power, wealth or fame, who shares progressive political views and who might be interested in seeing this story told?  

If you do, you can make a significant contribution toward a truthful historic record, please contact us.

Chaz Valenza

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