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King Making in New Jersey

Make me King!  No, make me King again!  No, I should be King this turn!   You were King last turn and look at the mess you made!  But you're fat and stupid!  Yes, but I'll do something!  No you won't.  You'll go the wrong way on a one way street!  That was a mistake!  You didn't keep your promises!  So, what are you going to do?  The right thing.  You’re corrupt!  No, poopyhead, you're corrupt!  I'm less corrupt than you are!  No you're not!  Yes I am!  I’m less corrupt…. And so on and so on.

The above is gubernatorial election politics as usual in New Jersey.  The two major parties fighting over who shall be King and, as they prove each and every term, the position is more that of a distort figurehead than of leadership, a mere stepping stone to the national scene than a responsibility to be taken seriously.  After all, given the nature of New Jersey, its system and the democratic process, how much can you really do?

Chris Daggett first stepped forward with a concept:  the two party system is too beholden to special interests to get anything done.  This is not necessarily axiom, but here in New Jersey has been proved to be the status quo.

Back in July, I spoke with Chris’s front man, who was at the time unable to flesh out in what ways Mr. Daggett would be different from his opponents.  I left my door and mind open even though his response was not worthy of note.

All the while, the mainstream media has written off Mr. Daggett’s campaign and kept their closed-minded discussions to the question of from which side the third party offer would squish votes.

Then, Mr. Daggett did slay two dragons at once.  He won the first election debate and proposed a plan to get New Jersey back on fiscal track.

How good is his plan?  I’m not sure.  But any plan is better than no plan.  Can Chris Daggett win?  Of course he can.  He has a platform now.  He is David to the two party Goliath.  And, no matter what side of any particular issue you are on, New Jersey has but one issue:  How can we get back to government that works? 

Chris Daggett is the only candidate for Governor of New Jersey that recognized the issue and is will to even talk about it.  For this reason alone he deserves your vote.  I, for one, have had it with those that would be King.

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