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The collected poetry  of chaz valenza including the patent pending* "3 Rules" sonnet. 

*The "3 Rules" poem style is patent pending, do not dare use it without a) crediting me, and b) sending me a check for $0.25 U.S. each time you create a "3 Rules" poem.


Never steal

Working parents teach their children not to steal.

Wealthy parents teach their children not to get caught.

To most of the world honest work is honest work.

To the wealthy honest workers are suckers.

Only a tyrant is capable of treating others as subservient.

Tyrants come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages.

The tyrant believes you don’t know what you’re doing

And that you can’t serve them correctly

You will find tyrants in stores, at restaurants, at work, at school, driving

In some homes you will find whole diner tables of them

Even today in this new century their discussions never stray far from good help is impossible to find.

There is only one way those of us who are less can fight this tyranny so well heeled and entrenched.

We must learn how to starve them ever so slowly to death.


Three Rules for Ending Big Greed's Tyranny

Three Rules for Ending Big Greed's Tyranny:

1) Recognize the actions of Big Greed in your life.

2) Minimize and/or eliminate your transactions with Big Greed.

3) Repeat.


Rude Awakening

One day you have needs and desires

Another someone calls you Dad

You're hushed, your're cheated

You have enough and then you don't

You've had enough and then you won't

And then, one morning, you wake up to find

You're nobody

At least you're nobody you'd ever want to be


The Pilgrim's Path

Yes, I know,

I'm an horrible person

but I got here by being a nice.


Non Compete

As I lay me down to work,

I pray to be the bestest clerk:

“I, under totally voluntary binding contractual duress,

do hereby give-up my right to make a living with my primary skills,

which were honed through years of expensive education,

off-hours training, and hundreds of hours at minimum or entry level wages,

anywhere else save for you Big Greed,

where I am currently employed or will be employed, for an unreasonable period of time,

as defined by those who employee the majority of the industrialized world,

for five or ten years without a paycheck, that should do it,

since you don't want me competing with you Big Greed.

As I take total responsibility for my life and livelihood,

I promise to give two weeks notice,

or however long it takes to train my replacement, here or abroad,

should I find some other way to afford food and shelter,

or should I become expendable, useless, or less than entertaining to you,

my present employer, big greed.

And, I agree to be escorted out of the building by armed guards

like a criminal,

with no notice what-so-ever,

because them’s the rules,

so help me God

I need a job.

All my love to you Big Greed."